It is possible to setup web Chat-Tonic to be a landing page bot, through the configuration of aliases, that in term lead to a URL that is like this:

It is also possible to customize the bot image. The following are the formatting features that can be customized according to the brand image:

  • Logo of the window header (Image)

  • Title of the window header (text)

  • Popup chat window theme

    • Header color (HTML color)

    • Header height

    • Buttons colors (HTML color)

    • User message bubble color (HTML color)

    • Send button color (HTML color)

    • Show avatar next to bot message bubbles (yes/no)

    • Texts color (HTML color)

    • Texts fonts (Google fonts)

    • Texts font size

    • Texts bubble padding

    • Texts buttons color (on hover) (HTML color)

    • Icon size

    • Background (Image)

  • Launcher

    • Type (Image / Text)

    • Color (HTML color)

    • Text color (HTML color)

    • Hide borders (yes / no)

    • Format (Circular or square)

    • Size

    • Image (Image)


Other customizable bot features:

  • Allow sending files (yes/no)

  • Allow emojis (yes/no)

  • Allow sending voice messages (yes/no)

  • Auto-login (yes/no)

  • Auto message (yes/no)

  • Auto message (text)

  • Expiry of the session (yes/no)

  • Expiry of the session (seconds)