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Asynchronous loading (optional)
It is possible to add a parameter to the URL described above for the script, to allow webchat to load asynchronously. This has the advantage of not interrupting the flow of loading your page, and not affect it for PageSpeed. The amount of time to wait will depend on your page, depending on how many other scripts it needs lo load. It is important to understand that Web Chat-Tonic always load AFTER every other content is loaded into the page, and the page is considered interactive. Having said that, the amount of time specified in this parameter, will add a delay after that happens.

By default Web Chat-Tonic will wait 2 seconds before loading, this has been proven by us that does not affect PageSpeed, or user experience.

Example allowing a 2 5 second delay after the page is loaded:

<script src=""></script>

Full screen landing page (optional)
Normally your web chat can be accessed via the following URL for a fullscreen experience, but can also be configured to use different subdomains.